Educating Students

Our Students are some of the brightest, most ambitious students in Kenya.

Our dream is for all Kenyan children to gain a quality education.  To help them reach their dream, The Guardian Foundation extends a helping hand, providing children with the opportunity to succeed and follow their own path to excellence.

Severe acute malnutrition (SAM) affects a large percentage of Kenyan children, especially in the high-risk areas we serve. A growing child needs sufficient food to thrive in an academic environment, and without proper nutrition, children are susceptible to the stunting of their growth, health, and education.

It is our commitment to ensure each child has what he or she needs to succeed. Your generous contribution will go hand in hand with our education program. Together, we can shape the future leaders of Kenya!

Empowering Adults

To assist our graduated secondary students, we’ve started a program called Empower.

It has become increasingly difficult for graduated students to enter the workforce.  Having witnessed many educated young adults living in poverty, The Guardian Foundation decided to start an Economic Empowerment Program to support ongoing education for young adults.

The Empowerment program is targeting those who would like to further their education and achieve advanced credentials. Once candidates have completed their training, they will “Pass It Forward” by giving back to The Guardian Foundation within their means.

Transforming Lives

We want YOU to help us inspire change within your community! Grassroot projects are known to have some of the largest impacts on global issues, driving sustainable and creative change.
We encourage you to make a difference in your hometown. ‘Change for the Children’ donation cans are available – contact us to place an order. Helping to transform the lives of children, you’ll find that your life is changed as well.